"Capturing your magical once in a lifetime moments"

          Magical moments in our lives really do only last a moment. My super power? Freezing them in time to make them last for a lifetime. I believe in capturing YOUR magical moments, in the golden sunshine with the people you love, under the bright lights of a stage, in a crowd during your celebration or live event, or in the quiet corners of your home with your newborn baby. 

        Mom, let me help create authentic giggles, capture heartfelt emotions and give you a magical photo session that will put your whole family at ease during our time together. Your memories are so special, they deserve to last a lifetime and after that. There's no other family who shares a love like yours. 

        Entertainment producers, I believe the moments on stage are POWERFUL, and raw and captivating. The lights, the talent, the movement, the passion. There's nowhere that comes alive like the stage under your lights. I will translate your live production into images that jump off the page that your viewer will be immersed in.

        Event coordinators, let me capture the passion, the authenticity, the empowerment of your event, your reception, your celebration of everything your team has accomplished. Let me help bring your team together and capture the real-ness of everything you've worked to produce and coordinate for your guests. 


        There will never be moments like yours ever again. Don't let them slip through your fingers.

Beckie ~ tgcbranson@gmail.com

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